OOJS — New way of learning

Hi Readers, Here are the core concepts and brief information about objected oriented JavaScript. How the scope matters and what happens if we omit the scope in client scripting. JavaScript is like dangers at times where we ignore . Make sure it's on the way¬† ūüôā Link for OOJS --- https://www.code-sample.com/2015/04/javascript-interview-questions-answers.html  


Tricky Scripting

Hi All, Here are the few tricks in scripting will make you more attention in every word Repair/Refresh you minds Ref Link ---    Tricky Scripting Part

ECMASCRIPT6 bullet points.

Hi Folks, Today I have used few ES6 new features in my coding. This is where I have started to highlight and give some typical and important notes to the developers community. The list of new and flexible features in ES6 are . Default function parameters. String Interpolation and manipulation. Multi line support string. Classes. … Continue reading ECMASCRIPT6 bullet points.

Angular 2 Experience

Hello, Here are high level important features and advantages of¬† framework flavor¬†with Angular 2 1.Mobile ready¬† --> The Angular development team mainly worked and made industry ready of mobile first approach in Angular 2. 2.Components --> The team¬†have defined the new age of clean separation and more independent object control with new concept of¬† "components" … Continue reading Angular 2 Experience

JSON Introduction for beginners >>

HI Folks , As the usage of ¬†"web interaction" increasing every day, the data handling,manipulations of ¬†data and security concerns are matter for the developer. To handle data better way there are some possible options like JavaScript Objects Plain Text Files XML JSON From all of the above options "JSON" data structure is more popular … Continue reading JSON Introduction for beginners >>

Safari browser Dev Tools >>>>

Hi Folks, Here are the basic developer tools and inspect element debugging procedures in Safari browser. First add the dev tools (web-inspector) in developer menu. To do this go to "preferences" then "advanced", under this enable the "Show Develop menu in menu bar" checkbox. To get full hands on experience of Safari dev tools explore … Continue reading Safari browser Dev Tools >>>>


SASS is a rich preprocessor for CSS. It will give us the variety and easy way of  CSS doing and reusable powering engine,mixine,variable,nesting and many more. It will eat simple kind of snippet and generates exact and equal level of CSS code. To explore and trail more@.   http://sass-lang.com